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Awareness is the key to your organisation’s security

A new training App from the house of ICTS Europe, Aware is designed to introduce non-security staff to the principles of security, so that they may become active participants in the effort to detect signs of potential attack in and around their workplace.

Fully interactive, Aware will guide your staff, in a simple and user-friendly manner, on how to take notice of, and report on, unusual or suspicious signs relating to people, objects, vehicles, or facilities.

Aware is easily accessible on the employee’s phone, or any other device such as a PC or tablet.

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We will definitely use it again!

“We believe that it increases not only the security of tournament visitors, but also the self-confidence and security of our staff itself, by providing them with simple and effective tools for identifying suspicious signs… We will definitely use it again!”

Eytan de Almeida, Event Manager, Mahola Hôtesses.
Trained 1,200 employees for an international tennis tournament

ICTS Europe S.A. has been protecting people and property within the transport, public and private sectors for almost 40 years.

Our expertise, stemming from the early concepts of aviation security, has expanded to new high-risk, high-profile sectors such as maritime, high-tech and high-end corporate environments.

With over 16,000 employees in 25 countries, we can cater to the needs of local and global clients.

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